Modern and Professional

              Stainless Steel   Stills









To distill medicinal plants, herbs, liquor herbs, fuits, wines, fruits and grains. To produce essential oils, spirits and liquors.

Entirely made in Aisi 304 stainles steel in accordance with current European regulations for the processing and conservation of food and medicinals substances.



30-70-130 liters  

200 liters


250 liters


500 liters

 It is intended to inform enthusiast and professionals, about the significant differences  of our distillers, compared to the obsolet copper instruments.                    Our artisan laboratory has invented and patented a new cooling system                



 wich is carried out in interchangeable heat plates, wich significantly reduces water consumption, as well as the volume and weight of the cooling coil.







Another novelty  is the ''Dephlegmator''(second condenser with thermometer)         



that measures the external temperature of the vapors, thus facilitating
a fair fractionation ( heat-body-tail ) of the destillation.
Its also retains and condenses much of the methanol and impurities that leak through the tap, letting the finest steams get to the cooling
coil and hence obtaining high quality distillates.


The basket and the stainless filter separe the vegetal from the water to achieve distillation by vapor drift or submerged distillation (fruit purees, herb liquor etc.)


Inox Basket

  Inox Filter






The innovative system of closing the lid with safety valve

along with the stainless gaskets and pipes, avoid unnecessary leaks, ensuring a completely airtight and

hygienic circuit.


It is a very light equipment compared to the obsolete copper equipment. The 30 liters one only weight 13 kg! Stills and accessories are entirely made of stainless steel according to the current European standards (EEC), suitable for food and medicalsubstances processing and preservation. Includes 5-year warranty!! (''Normal use'')



The assembly of the equipemt does not need qualified personell, since it is easy and practical! As a heat source both classic burner butane or gas/electric semi-industrial kitchens can be used.


It should be kept in mind that copper is a metal which inorganic salt and components
are toxic. In the tools and equipment made of copper, a green-colored basic copper carbonate called ''verdigris''can be formed, wich is very toxic.
Moreover, some plant component such as organic acids and substances with hydroxyl
and amino can be mixed with the copper from the equipment, creating organometallic
complexes being very toxic as well. For these reasons abovementioned, products obtained from copper stills or it is alloys should not be used for domestic consuption
of food, liquor or essential oils in Aromatherapy or Medicine.
Our stainless steel stills are very easy to clean, also resistant to corrosion and aggression from acid products, this type of stainless steel is neutral, therefore it
doesn't add any smell or taste, as well as absorbing the heat optimally.

                                 All the component are hand-made


 Delivery in all the world with DHL 






Evolucion de la Destilacion Tradicional